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     Rabbi Leora was born in IL, she is 3rd generation Holocaust survivor. She was born into a very troubled family where Love was not common.  Her family came from Europe hiding there family name and identity to protect themselves from being caught by the Nazis. When her family arrived they did everything to remind her father, aunts and Uncles about Hitler and what happened to our people the Jews. The celebrating of Sabbath, and other Jewish Traditions were hidden behind closed doors. 

     At the age of 4 Leora's mother tried to Kill her, but by the grace of the Lord Leora survived, after being comocomatosed after a series of head operations. Leora was then placed in foster homes she was forced to fend for herself. she always knew that there was a God, she could here him speaking to her as a small child. Leora grew up with much anger against her mother  who kept her and her father apart as much as possible for many years with lies and manipulations. My father divorced my mother shortly after my recovery because of adultery
 Many times she found herself alone and afraid of society not trusting anyone but she knew the Lord's presence was always near. at the age of 8 Leora had her Mikveh/Baptism receiving Yeshua as her Messiah.
     As Leora grew she was given back to her mother, it was then that Leora dealt with Mental and physical abuse once again by her mother. At the age of 16 Leora left  home to live on her own, moving from place to place was very hard, but she did not have to deal with abuse only now it was the world again she had to face. Leora was never one to get into trouble, she was often alone and a outcaste someone who was thought to be weird.
John 15:19 - If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you



     At the age of 17 Leora met the man who was to be her husband they dated for three years and was married in 1992 there marriage seem to hold like glue  until 1996 when the marriage problems became evitable. In 1996 her husband filed for divorce,  during this time Leora struggled to complete her training as a Part-Time Police Officer graduated from the Police Academy  in 1997. for 7 months Leora prayed the Lord would restore there marriage. The Lord gave a sure word to her that it was his will for the two of them to be husband and wife, and three months before the divorce the Lord restored the marriage. In May 1998 Leora and her husband were pregnant with there first Child,  two years later came there son.
     In 1998 The Lord called Leora as a end time prophetic voice to the nations  and in 1998 she stepped in that calling afraid of the unknown. An anointing came upon Leora and the prophetic was evident and strong upon her, she began to meet other men and women in Ministry, Her walk became close to the Lord, and she began to have encounters with the Supernatural, many time taken to heaven, shown the things coming in the last days, but something was missing in her life the Lord began to talk to her about teaching christians about there Jewish roots, her hunger to teach, and learn more of the Torah was overwelming, as the call on her life by the Lord grew stronger. Leora was taught by her Rabbi, and ordained by 2 Rabbis, she also began teaching herself and seeking out her Hebrew Heritage.
    In April 2003 Leora could  not take the demonic battle she had been trying to fight she was tired and worn. She filled for divorce only to hear the Lord tell her to cancel the Divorce three months later. In June 2003 her ex husband received the divorce papers,when he arrived home he stated to her, "you know your just taking the children down the same road your parents took you down." This deeply wounded her heart , in July 2003 Leora canceled the Divorce. Only to see her husband file for divorce one month in August 2003. Leora saw how her ex husband did not want to have anything to do with the Lord  or her he turned from the Lord and his family and from that point she faced one of the biggest battle in her life.

     Leora was set free through divorced from her ex husband in 2005  having to do the most hardest things she had ever done walk away from having her children full-time considering she had never been separated from them since there birth.  How good the father in heaven is he never left her.The Lord began a great work and healing in her life. Leora has continued to remain pure since September 7, 2003 and will remain pure until she is remarried, or the Lord returns, she has ministered to other marriages, Teaches the Jewish Heritage, and the Davidic dance, and End Times events. Truly Leora has seen the goodness of the Lord. Leora hopes one day she will return to her home land Israel where her ancestors dwelled.

Part of Leora's mission is bringing the Jews and Christians together to serve and worship as one new man in Yeshua!
Teaching The Jewish Heritage & roots. Her mission is to spread the good news of Yeshua (Jesus)

bringing healing Spiritually and mentally to those who are hurting. People need to know that God loves them and he is there with his arms open waiting to embrass them. She desires to teach the feast of the Lord, Biblical prophecy, and signs of the coming of Yeshua (Jesus). Leora wants to see the body of Christ come together, and each person to grown in the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to them. Her hearts desire as a Levite is to dance before Yeshua to usher in the Glory of God. 

2002 Leora was ordained by Apostle  Suzie Grant as prophet/Pastor
In 1997 Leora was filled with the Holy Spirit, operating in the gifts of the Spirit. 
2003 Leora was ordained by Yacov Rambsel the Jewish way.
2006 Leora had her Bat Mitzvah & ordaine by her Rabbi Robert H. Banner For The King, she was also ordained as Rabb Leora Bat Mariam. 
Many people look at Certificates as a stamp of approval Leora does not believe in a piece of paper as evidence of being called by the father, it is our obedience and growth in the Spirit  our time of praise and worship that qualifies us to be used by the Lord. Teaching and training is very important, but we need to understand that the lord does not look at a certificate, but the heart. He does not deal with every person the same way, we all have a different  calling's a road to walk. I thank the father that Most of my training comes from the Holy One Of Israel there is no greater teaching.

     In July of 2007 the Lord began to prepare Leora for the death of her father and 4 months later the Florida Police Department contacted her on November 1,2007 to let her know they had found her father dead after 4 days, this was a shock to Leora she was not expecting this kind of death. Being the only child she flew down to Florida with another Jewish Friend whom she trusted to take care of her fathers body and home. The Lord was truly with her keeping her in all her ways. for 3 months Leora went through a grieving period after returning home November 17th. Yeshua met with her in that time of grief and gave her a dream the night she returned home, this dream consisted of her giving birth to something new. During this time she felt alone and abandoned still by the Lord, but he was still there. Three months later the Lord began to open doors for her to go and dance prophetically bringing his Glory to his people. Leora began to have encounters once again with the Lord, encounters of Angelic being, Heavens visitations, and seeing yeshua himself.

   On December 4,2009 Leora lost her home to foreclosure and found herself wondering like the hebrews in the Bible. She prayed for those who needed a miracle for there homes, and saw God move on there behalf how that brought joy to her heart, but when she received no miracle for her own home it caused confussion and more heartache. From 12/4/2009 Leora has faced many mountains having to move from place to place sharing Yeshua while trying to find work. With only the word and promises of God to stand on she is running the race. God has told her he will restore everything that has been stolen! Though at times she feels the pressures of life still she STANDS in the midst of the storm waiting for her Lord for her breakthrough!   

2008 Leora began to see breakthrough in the area of seeing her children, and in 2010 she found favor with God and the judge, and her children were restored to her after 5 years of praying.

   In 2011 leora was offered the chance to move into a beautiful home, she began going out to the home to till the ground and clean the home that had been abandoned for over a year, Now Rabbi Leora is praying for a financial breakthrough to continue ministry. Leora loves bringing the Love and Glory to others has become apart of her life. There is so much more to Leora's story, that is another chapter.  

HOBBIES: THEATER, ACTING, HEALTH CLUB FITNESS, SPORTS, HORSEBACK RIDING, Script Writer , SKIING, Ordained Pastor /Rabbi 2001: President & Founder Of The Tabernacle Of David

Teacher, Establish Biblical Foundation, Handle all accounts receivables & state

Requirements. Marriage Counselor, dance Teacher, radio & TV Broadcast Etc.

I have written a major motion superhero movie Script, and I'am looking to get it in the hands of the right producer. If you can suggest someone I would be grateful.  

Ha Mishkan David                                                                  
The Tabernacle Of David   

Rabbi Leora

Leora and Papa Rosenburg




One day I'm going to Israel, the land promised to me by (YHVH) God

Aliyah = Also defined as "the act of going up"—that is, towards Jerusalem—"making Aliyah" by moving to the Land of Israel is one of the most basic tenets of Zionism. The opposite action, emigration from

the Land of Israel, is referred to in Hebrew as yerida ("descent").