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Rabbi Khannah Josue' http://pfyi.org/

Rabbi Khannah Josué

Rabbi Khannah Josué  also known as “Rabbi the Coach”, is the Founder and Chancellor of Prayer Fast Yeshiva Int’l (Intercessory Training Center), CEO of  YAFA (A Natural Health and Beauty Line of Dead Sea Products from Israel). In addition to being a certified Life Skills Trainer, Rabbi Josué is a John C. Maxwell certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker and a founding partner of the John C. Maxwell Team. 
She continues add value to herself by being mentored through the John Maxwell Mentorship Program and as a protégé of Dr. Cindy Trimm, Trimm International.

Rabbi Josué is a recognized International Speaker, Teacher and Author who effectively communicates the importance of living life to the fullest measure across both religious and secular arenas.

There are many levels to what we call “life”. Rabbi Josué believes that each person is born to be a productive individual and counts it an honor to educate on the “Etiquette” of life and business to help individuals determine what their best “Life” is.

Rabbi Josué believes that by identifying mindsets that negatively affect the spirit, soul and body any person can change the course of their lives. Just like a GPS system, Rabbi Josué navigates individuals from their current location onto a path that will allow them to discovering their purpose and to accomplish their life’s call.

Rabbi Josué’s unique perspective allows her to work with many diverse individuals, groups and organizations to develop strategies that will empower people to obtain greater personal success.

Of course there were 12 tribes of Israel and not all were one color
many African Americans are woundering why they are so drawn to
the jewish roots, and why The feast and other Messianic teachings
are coming back into the churches...Well one reason is because the
Lord said in his word in the last days he would bring his people back
to the Land of Israel. He must first plant a seed in the hearts of his
people, then draw back to there Heritage. Many African American
are feeling a tug at there hearts, they are hungry for the Jewish things,
this is because many African Americans are Black Jews.   

Ethiopia is a geographically varied African state with highly diverse and dramatic climate, flora and fauna. It has population of approximately 60,000,000, 80% of whom live in rural mountainous areas at an altitude of at least 1,500 above sea level.

The Ethiopian Jews lived primarily in villages in the north and Northwest of the country, far from their Christian neighbors, with separate social and economic institutions and conditions. Their story is a fascinating example of Jewish perseverance and survival despite time, trial and tribulation.

It is a story of people long isolated from the rest of the Jewish world. That separation was so complete, that at one point, the Ethiopian Jews thought themselves the only remaining Jewish community in the world - the last guardians of Jewish knowledge, tradition and the "Torah of Moses." The Ethiopian Jews struggled mightily to retain that tradition and guard it from outside forces that would see it assimilated, conquered and destroyed. As a result, throughout Ethiopian history, they often fell sacrifice to Christian kings, wars and oppression.

That struggle continued in different forms even after the arrival of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Their homecoming, joyous as it was, was marked by a lack of acceptance, as state religious institutions did not officially recognize their status and Jews. These institutions made life hard for Ethiopian immigrants, and in some ways still do.

The first trickle of Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to Israel began in the 1950s when 50 children were brought to study in Israel and return to Ethiopia as teachers. In the 1970s, individual Ethiopian activists and their families began crossing into Israel via Sudan. These journeys represent a crucial and important moment in Ethiopian Jewish History. The dream of returning to Jerusalem, rejoining the Jewish Nation and building a state together seemed on the verge of coming true. In 1977, due to pressure from various quarters, then Prime Minister Menachem Begin proclaimed, "bring me the Ethiopian Jews," and the floodgates were opened. This set the stage for the mass exodus that took place in the mid-1980s.

In 1977 30 families came. Between 1977 - 1984, 3000-4000 Ethiopian Jews came to Israel, primarily from the Tigrae region. "Operation Moses" brought another 8,000, mostly from Gonder. During that Aliyah, approximately 4,000 lost their lives in the desert wastes and refugee camps of Sudan. "Operation Solomon" saw another 15,000 Ethiopian Jews reach Israel, and small groups have continued to congregate in Addis Ababa, and immigrate ever since. Today there are approximately 85,000 Ethiopian Jews in Israel, 20,000 of who were born here.

The story of the Ethiopian Jews by no means ends with Aliyah. Their absorption and integration into Israeli society has been a long road of challenges, successes and difficulties. Some of the obstacles they faced were objective ones - such as the dislocation of moving from a developing nation to a modern industrialized one. Others were the products of institutions and authorities - such as the problems the community still faces with regards to religion, education, employment and housing.

The Ethiopian Jews are now counting their second decade in Israel, and their successes surely outweigh the difficulties they have faced. The community is grateful to all those individuals and institutions who were part of their immigration process, and who support them as they integrate into Israeli society. They hope that the process will only grow easier as they go.



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About PFYI

A Yeshiva (pl. Yeshivot) is translated in Hebrew literally means “sitting” and refers to the posture of a Talmid (student) in a classroom or instructional setting.

Yeshiva is defined as: 

  • an Hebraic educational institution that focuses on Torah Study  through a Messianic Prophetic understanding
  • It is an academy for the study of Torah, normally for higher level Judaic study.

Prayer Fast Yeshiva International bridges the gap between the ancient texts of the TANAKH (Old Testament) to the contemporary application of the Brit Chadasha (New Testament).  This is the place where we put the “sacredness” of the Word back into the text of the Bible.  Our goal is to restore honor to G-d’s name.   Modesty and order are brought back to the hearts of  Believers as they are reconnected back to G-d.   This is the place were you are taught to become an observant Believer.


We emphasize the importance of studying the Bible within the context of its Hebraic origins while maintaining the integrity of the original intent of ADONAI’s word so that it can be translated appropriately for our contemporary society and culture. We embrace all Talmidim (students) who have a desire to be taught from the Hebraic perspective regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity.


G-d is restoring the Jewish heritage and ancient wisdom back to the church. Many Believers are intrinsically responding to an unexplainable hunger and thirst of the soul for a greater depth in G-d. More often this passionate search is drawing this remnant into a special place of revelation through study and acknowledgement of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.


Because of this pull, these Believers are now searching for an institution of higher learning that will not only satisfy their passion for understanding of the Jewish roots, but will also equip them with the accurate understanding and balance that will qualify them to share their knowledge with others.


How important is study?

Study is the highest mode of worship. It is “required” by a Biblical mandate. Studying from a Hebraic concept will allow students to re-examine the Scriptures with a powerful flood light through the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to expose the hidden treasures returning the “church” to its Jewish foundation in order to go forward in a deeper understanding of biblical truth, faith and practice.

Why Study from a Hebraic perspective?

The purpose of learning the word of G-d Hebraically is to prepare us for a life of service and obedience in the knowledge of G-d. The Torah was given by G-d as instruction to us, (His people) on how to live our lives according to His plan. It is up to us to study it, learn it, embrace it, and live it in every circumstance of our lives.

It will also allow you to re-examine the Scriptures with a powerful flood light through the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), which will expose the hidden treasures in the Torah. This Yeshiva program through the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is producing a work of restoration; returning the “church” to its Jewish foundation in order to go forward in a deeper understanding of biblical truth, faith and practice.

Note:This page is to educate the African Americans about there Jewish Heritage. Many of our Black Jewish brothers and sisters need to except Yeshua as ther Messiah!

T h e

L e m b a

The  Black  Jews  of  Southern  Africa

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Historical Introduction

Over 2,700 years ago, the Assyrians exiled the ten tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. "In the ninth year of Hoshea, the king of Assyria captured Samaria and he carried them away to Assyria and placed them in Halah, and on the Habor, the river of Gozan, and in the cities of Medes." In the years 722-721 BC (over 2700 years ago), the Ten Tribes who comprised the northern Kingdom of Israel disappeared. Conquered by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser V, they were exiled to upper Mesopotamia and Medes, today modern Syria and Iraq. The Ten Tribes of Israel have never been seen since. Or have they?


Tudor Parfitt, the protagonist of the NOVA documentary "Lost Tribes of Israel," made a journey through southern Africa to study the unusual traditions of a black African tribe called the Lemba. This Bantu-speaking group claimed Jewish ancestry and observed many Semitic traditions such as kosher-like dietary restrictions and slaughter practices, male circumcision rites, strict rules against intermarriage, and Semitic-sounding clan names.

Once described as "a sort of British Indiana Jones," Parfitt spent many months with the Lemba, meeting their tribal and religious leaders and observing some of their most sacred rituals. He came to the conclusion that the origin of many of the Lemba traditions was indeed Semitic, not African. But whether these traditions came from Islamic or Jewish sources was impossible to discern from the historical and anthropological evidence available. It would take Y-chromosome studies to delve deeper into this question of origin.

A few years after his travels, Parfitt teamed up with a group from The Center for Genetic Anthropology at University College London to look for a genetic counterpart to the Lemba's oral tradition of Jewish descent. Using a relatively new technique in genetic studies, the team identified a particular series of genetic markers on the Y chromosome of Lemba males. They then compared these markers to other groups with whom the Lemba might have shared a common ancestor long ago. 

The Lemba: The Black Jews of Southern Africa

Badagry, Nigeria -- Slave Trade History

Historical Timeline of Ancient Egypt

Joseph, Egypt & The Hyksos

Tutankhamen & Akhenaton

Ancient Egyptian Religions

Map of Ancient Africa

Text on Rosetta Stone

The Pyramid Puzzle

Rosetta Stone

Ancient Nubia

The team collected DNA samples from Bantu (African), Yemeni (Arab), and Sephardic Jews and Azhkenazi Jews (including Cohanim from both communities) to compare the amount of similarity that existed between each of these groups. As we've seen, the more similar the Y chromosome, the more closely related are some individuals in the different groups to a common paternal ancestor. As a consequence, one can establish links between populations.

In an interview with NOVA, team member Dr. David Goldstein commented on the team's findings: "The first striking thing about the Y chromosomes of the Lemba is that you find this particular chromosomal type (Cohen modal haplotype) that is characteristic of the Jewish priesthood in a frequency that is similar to what you see in major Jewish populations. Something just under one out of every 10 Lemba that we looked at had this particular Y chromosomal type that appears to be a signature of Jewish ancestry. Perhaps even more striking is the fact that this Cohen genetic signature is strongly associated with a particular clan in the Lemba. Most of the Cohen modal haplotypes that we observe are carried by individuals of the Buba clan which, in Lemba oral tradition, had a leadership role in bringing the Lemba out of Israel."

What this study shows is that the Lemba, and more specifically some members of the Buba sub-clan, seem to have an ancestral connection to Judaic populations. Like an oral history, but written in the letters of their DNA, the Lemba Y chromosome hands from father to son a living record of the past.


The Journeys of Tudor Parfitt in discovering the Lemba's origin

Lembas believe their ancestors built the ancient city,
Great Zimbabwe


B L A C K       B L O O D       I N       I S R A E L?

 * Genesis 12:16 – Not only Hagar, but many of Abraham’s servants were gifts from 
    Pharaoh and in this period it is fairly likely that many were Nubians. (approx. 1921 BC) 
 * Genesis 13: 6-8 – Abraham had a large number of herdsmen and 318 male servants who 
    were born into his house. 
 * Genesis 25 – Isaac, Abraham’s son and then Jacob inherited everything. 
 * Genesis41:50 – Joseph fathered two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, by an Egyptian wife, 
    automatically making Israel nearly 10 percent Egyptian. Joshua was from one of these 
    half-African tribes, Ephraim; in later years this tribe became so dominant that the 
    northern tribes of Israel were sometimes simply called “Ephraim”. When the Israelites 
    were subjected to slavery under the Egyptians, they and their former servants were now 
    all defined as Israel together; this means that much intermarriage must have taken 

 * Exodus 12:38 – After 400 years, a “mixed multitude” left Egypt during the Exodus. 


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