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Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Letters:

Aleph א (Numerical value of 1) – stands for the paradox of God (upper yud) and man (lower yud)…slanting vav connects us together.  Numerical value is one…divine, spiritual, oneness.


Quality of one; oneness, God’s unity; only letter that faces to the right; the other letters don’t gaze at Aleph because of its special status; Aleph also means “emperor” ; consists of 2 yuds (20) and 1 vav (6) = 26 – also composite value of true name of God (YHWH)!  Many names of God begin with an Aleph.  Top yud should be facing upward toward God.

Meaning of word is 1000 (Eleph).  One represents cause or beginning of all processes or earthly actions. Everything starts from 1.  All computers are based on a process of 0 and 1.  “Adam” begins with Aleph…makes sense…beginning of all human beings (number one).  Basic meaning of Aleph - The infinite God (who is one) relating to a finite world (especially man)…also, shows original plan – to be one with His creation…”we are members of His body”.   The Oneness of God is unique…He is pluralistic in nature and His attributes but is the divine “One”.  Finding “oneness” out of plurality. Adam comes from Adamah (Earth).  Original pictograph was an Ox head…strength, authority.

 Bet ב(numerical value of 2) – means house; body is house for soul; all of creation is a house in relationship to God.  Why Genesis (Torah) begins with Bet…because all of (creation – entire world) is His house!  Bereshit – head (has a Reish) or the beginning; another meaning (head of house…Rosh Beth); God who is the head enters into finite creation as His house; it is God’s desire to dwell with His (and in) his people…a dwelling place for God.  Secret of Tabernacle in the desert…and temple and synagogue is creating a dwelling place for God in this world…and also in our hearts and souls.  Jesus tabernacled among us (John 1).  AV or AB = Father…which means strength of house…1st two letters of Hebrew alphabet reveal the Father of all creation.

 Gimmel ג (num = 3)  – a foot walking which represents progress and movement in the world! Run and return…all of creation is in the process of running and returning…cycles.  There is a dynamic pulsation in all creation.  Hebrew word for camel is very close to gimmel. Another meaning for gimmel is “to give”.  Represents both giving and withdrawing (reward and punishment). Every thought, every action is stored and remembered…and a person must give an acct.  Represents 3 and integration, harmony, balance. Takes dualities of world and unifies them.  Another dimension, Torah given in 3rd month.  Tanach made of 3 divisions.  Also represents “rising up” like when a camel rises up…the “3” wisemen came bearing gifts probably on camels.  Name of place where Jesus was crucified was called “Golgotha” (place of giving).  (Yehoshua was the rich generous man on a camel)…who made Himself (of no reputation)…a Dalet a door, humbled Himself.  When we give to the Father…it opens the door (Dalet – next letter) for Yahweh to work in us.


Based on the above definitions, we see in the first 3 letters of Hebrew alphabet the following meaning:  the Head of the House, Gives!

 Dalet   ד (4) – a door; a poor person (in a lower position, state of humility). Meaning = The door to true spiritual reality is thru deep sense of humility! Example:  DaviD – begins and ends with Dalet.  Though he was King he was a man of humility. The pt that sticks out in the dalet represents ego.  In relationship to God, all of creation is in a state of humbleness.  (Four seasons, 4 directions, 4 forces in nature, 4 angels).  YHWH (4 letters, 4 gospels (doorway to relationship with God), 4 different levels of understanding).  DaviD – King and priest…royalty with humility. The impoverished soul in need...Damut (image), Dal (poor, powerless, weak), Dan (judge, door of life)…if we were to judge ourselves we would not be judged…symbol: scales.  The Dalet is the door (of humility) to the next letter Hey, which represents revelation…

Hey ה (5) – a letter of unity and completeness; it stands for expression and revelation (ex: hey, ho…behold); 2 of 4 letters of God’s name are the letter “hei or hey”.  YHWH (essence and being); God brings time into being; words for past, present and future are connected to letter hei.  God’s name is hinting to that all time, all being, all reality is animated by His infinite light!  Letter is made up of 3 lines; length, breath and depth.  Space is made of 3 dimensions.  All expression follows 3 levels:  thought, speech and action.  Soul is expressed thru 5 ways.  Our hand has 5 fingers…the way we act in the world.  In first chapter of Genesis the expression or word light (ohr) is mentioned 5 times…points to first 5 books of Torah…we have 5 senses.  Also could mean “Behold” or a revelation again…that which is above.  Pronounced just with breath…connecting with Ruach.  5 – number of Grace, 5 books in Torah – giving you something we don’t deserve; Mercy is not giving you something you do deserve.  Must have thumb to do much of anything…w/o 5th finger wld be helpless.  Our hands are representative of the tabernacle of the Lord…10 curtains, 5 on each side.  Every piece of tabernacle was built on multiples of 5…because there is revelation!  Abraham (strong leader of the house of many thru revelation, Hey is added – his mission was changed)…changed from Abram (strong leader of the house of many).  David’s 5 stones, Goliath had 4 brothers.  Deuteronomy – 5th book of Bible…Devarim (words)


Vav ו (6) – represents a man standing (male energy); also represents an nail; idea of connection at every level; connects heaven and earth; first time a word appears in Bible establishes it’s role for rest of Bible (law of firsts). Vav is in first line of Genesis (heaven and earth) – Vav connects heaven and earth.  Six letters in Bereshit (first word of Bible)…idea of 6 represents all of creation…took place in 6 days. In first verse of Bible there are 6 alephs hints to 6000 yrs of history in this cycle of history.  Six day of creation followed by Shabbat forms the basic code of all cycles. 6000 yrs mankind works, then 1000 yrs of rest.  The letter Vav only appears in biblical Hebrew. When you put a vav before a verb it has the power to reverse the tenses.  If in front of verb in past you read it as happening in the future…and visa/versa.  (the vav that reverses time)…Bringing the past to the future and from the future to the past. In the word light, the middle letter is a vav.  It sets scene for cycles of all of history.  Connection to 6 planes of space…connect two hei (s) in God’s name:  YH”W”H.  It is the nail that connects heaven and earth…22nd letter of 6 word in the Bible.  Nail covenant connects God with man.  Vav is all over Tabernacle of Moses! 

 Zayin ז (7) – constructed from vav with a crown on its head. A crown of a husband is a woman of valor. Is considered a feminine energy. Number 7 refers to Shabbat…the bride/queen. The vav represents straight light but zayin represents returning light which returns up the vav and spreads out in form of crown. Hinted to in very last words in the acct of creation…”God rested on 7th day and left 6 days for man “to do”.  We celebrate creation instead of trying to alter it. The letter zayin means:  sword, scepter of king, and after eating we bless God who provides all things.  The role of Number 7 is established again in Genesis.  The week consists of 6 days of creation crowned by the 7th day of rest (Shabbat or Sabbath).  7 days of celebration in the chuppa – honeymoon suite.  7th year of rest for the land and forgiveness of debts.  Our work in this world is to return light from above in order to fix and rectify all of creation.   It’s a sword and a plow…”they shall beat their swords into plowshares”…during the 1000 year reign or rest period of Yehoshua or Yeshua on this earth.

Chet ח (8) – a vav (male) and zayin (female) that are connected by a bridge of triangle (third partner…God)  – is like a “ch”uppa (wedding canopy) connects male and female…triangle reminds us of letter gimmel.  Chet looks like a gateway thru which you enter and return.  First letter of word chaim (life) is chet…it is full of life force.(life force of body, of soul and of God)  8 represents 1 beyond…infinity (full cycle) ! Related to circumcision (Brit or covenant) (8th day)…eternal connection (covenant) between God and the Jewish people. (Beyond regular relationship)…8 days of Hanukkah (holiday of light)…represents connecting to that light that is greater than anything in physical world!  We are fighting; we are reaching for “one beyond”. Imagine going thru gateway of cycles of this world and connecting with infinite light of God!  All the more reason to get in tune with Him.  Also can mean a fence (Torah, law)…a fence protects, it separates but also connects.  So if we choose to go outside the fence, we are on our own.

Tet  ט (9) – shaped like a vessel that contains something good and hides it within. Rep 9 months of pregnancy, fetus is hidden within and only revealed after receiving its goodness within. “God saw the light and it was “good”.  The letter tet begins the word tov (goodness).  The tet is expressed as letter that hides goodness within it!  In the first verse of Torah is encoded a name of God. The first letters of “the heavens and earth” spell name of God showing that goodness is contained with the creation from very inception.  The number 9 represents giving physical and spiritual birth (to potential). Sounds of Shofar:  Teruah (9 staccato sounds), Shefarim (3 blasts that are connected of 3 beats a piece), Tekia (1 blast of slightly longer duration).  Blown on Rosh HaShanah, beginning of year…renewal and rebirth, bringing potential to actualization.  Connect to inner potential.  Focus on goodness that is hidden all around, form hidden in matter, soul is hidden in body, God is hidden in the world…Rosh HaShanah is the hidden day!  Letter “Tov” means good

Yud  י (10) – Smallest of all letters…the “little that holds a lot”. First letter of God’s name! YHWH.  For infinite God to create a finite world there had to be “contraction”.  An infinite God making something that is finite. All 22 letters have a yud in it…the first point of every letter.  Just like all of matter is made of atoms.  As if All creation is an infinite series of yuds! (smallest component). Any number multiplied by 10 represents its full manifestation.  10 is 10x1.  The fullness of God is represented by the number 10.  10 things created on first day. Abraham had 10 tests and inherited a land of 10 nations.  10th of Tishrei is Yom Kippur (holiest day of yr); 10th of income to charity; 10 plagues (God reveals power and ability to act in world); 10 commandments – all of laws of Torah are contained with these 10.  Yehoshua or Yeshua (Jesus)…translated to Joshua…Note:  that’s why Joshua was the one to lead Israel into the promised Land and not Moses. 

Kaf  כ  (20) – means the palm of the hand; upside down it resembles a crown; Kaf refers to something on or over the head; means potential or power. The palm of the hand is what receives.  Also means to suppress.  To bring out our potential we have to suppress our flesh (monkey within us)`1   and drives that can be obstacles to our potential. A person is made of good and evil…must subdue the flesh to walk in the Spirit. Suppress feeling of distance and get close to God. Top of Sukkah is made of greenery and must be visible to show God’s palms over us and blessing us and giving us energy.

Lamed  ל (30) – Tallest of all letters; like a tower soaring in the air; has to do with aspiration of the heart; has to do with what the heart longs for! Rise up and connect to God. Tefillah (prayer) has a Lamed in it – expression of heart to go deeper in God.  Hallel – expression of gratitude and love for God – the highest praise.  Greatest way to learn is to teach! To know about God – look at the world, and we will see God’s finger prints everywhere. There’s learning of how to connect to God.  Greatest distance in the world is between the head and the heart. We should attempt to bring heart and mind together to gain understanding of world, the soul, and to know God!

Mem מ (40) – one of 5 letters that has 2 forms.  Two shapes of Mem relate to water. Miyim (water) – beginning Mem are streams, rivers (open body of water); the final Mem is like an ocean or lake, pond which are closed.  Miyim has yud which is like individual drops of water.  Mem is connected to life like water is connected to life. Life is not possible w/o water.  Expression:  “no water w/o Torah…just as water gives life, Torah gives life. Wisdom flows out of Torah.  Torah is compared to rain or blessing from heaven to bless the earth and God’s people. 13 spells word ahavah (love) – love flows like water.  13 is important number – 13 aspects of compassion – connected to love. 40 represents Torah itself.  Mem represents square which relates to cycles.  Moses spent 3 periods of 40 days on Mount.  Israel spent 40 yrs in desert; 40 days of rain with Noah; 9 months or 40 wks of pregnance – fetus environment is water.  Mem is letter of life, birth, cycle and connecting to wisdom.

Nun נ (50) –  (seed) has two forms – first form is bent over and last form is elongated. Both forms refer to servant. One form is state of humility – highest compliment is to be a servant.  Taking upon oneself the yoke of the kingdom of heaven.  Moses was described as most humble man on earth.  Strength of leader comes from being humble. Relates to number 50. Jubilee yr!  year of freedom – represents state of redemption.  Torah given on 50th day coming out of Egypt.  Receiving Torah on Sinai on 50th day (Pentecost or Shavuot).  Connect with one’s inner sense of humility and also to tap into the source of strength.  Also means “fallen one”…see Ps 145

Samekh ס (60) – a circle; represents all that a circle represents; word for “surround” in Hebrew starts with a “Samekh”.    Represents surrounding energy.  Relates to cycles, or repeating cycles; also means to support.  When a Rabbi gives a student ordination, he places hands on his head and surrounds with his energy.  Turning of seasons, yearly cycle of trees and really all of nature.  The soul returns again, as it tries to complete its rectification in this world…process of achieving wholeness.  Psalm 145, it is written by David using 22 Hebrew letters (starting pt for verses) except for Nun (which means fallen one).  David didn’t want to include this idea of falling in the Psalm of praise…so he skipped the nun and went right to Samekh with idea that God supports all who have fallen.  Sages used idea of 60 to express idea of nullification. In a circle everyone is equal distant from the center of the circle…everyone is equal in God’s eyes. 


Ayin ע (70) – means eye.  God looked or God saw…concept of divine providence.  Eyes of God are upon Israel all year.  70 = 10 x 7…fullness of 7.  No. of souls that went down to Egypt.  70 nations.  Moses and 70 elders.  The Ayin is Silent.


Pei or peh פ (80) – means mouth or communication; God created world thru speech; speech is powerful (life and death in the power of tongue); written Torah and Oral Torah (for 2000 yrs was oral – handed down from generation to generation);  only letter that contains letter within it (contains a bet).  We can decide to speak life or death to someone.


Tzadik צ (Tzadei) (90) – ancient added a Kuf (which means righteous or holy) bent over Nun (bent over servant) with Yud wedged into bent over Nun.  Tzadik is a servant of God and servant of people.  Carries little one that holds a lot…whole world on shoulders.  Tzadik is going down and seeking to lift up the world.  Everyone has the ability to be Tzadik or righteous.  “Those that turn many to righteousness shine like the stars”.


Kuf or Quf  ק (100) – only letter that goes below the line.  Connected to letter Tzadei.  Kuf represents the going down…archtype of soul coming down into body to fulfill its mission in the world…also means ape or monkey. The Kuf stands for holiness (Kadosh)…notice begins with K.  Also means to trample the animal (monkey) within.  Also begins a word in Hebrew that stands for shells.  Our task is to extract the sparks of holiness from the shells.   Shape of Kuf is made up of a Reish (above) and zayin (below).  Spells Zar or Raz…zar means strange.  Rez means secret…take what appears to be strange and find great meaning in it.  Take strangeness of this world and fill it with purpose.


Reish ר (200) – connected to word Rosh (head), beginning, berishit (in the beginning); head is bent over, talking about intellect…represents wisdom; has to do with wisdom, intellect.  Related to beginning of wisdom.  Torah begins with wisdom…God created with wisdom.  Also means the poor one…the intellect bends over in order to be understand…like when teaching a child.  God bends over in order for His wisdom to be given over thru the Torah.  Also means head of house, God bending over in His infinite being in order to fit into this world.  Means Rosh but appears close to end of alphabet.  Numerical value is in the middle.  Art of clarification.


Shin ש (300) – letter of fire (3 flames); flames are symmetrical; consists of series of vavs (3) and yuds (4) – 7 components.  Concept of Symmetry – represented by grace…to be in tune with…everything in the right place.  To find grace in God’s eyes in to be in tune.  Root of sleep, serenity and also of change.  Encompasses opposite ideas.  Fire is always moving but also a certain serenity in a fire.  Shin is on the Mezuzza (going in and out of house).  Desire for God to protect us when we go out and when we go in. Connect with fire within soul.


Tav ת (400) – shape of seal or stamp; meaning is code or note, stamp or impression; God’s stamp is truth. Last letter of first word in Torah is Tav (bereshit); Aleph is first, Mem is middle, Tav is last. At very beginning is God’s impression (stamp) of truth.  Tav represents God’s pt of truth and impression left on the soul as it comes into the body to reveal His truth in the world.  Made up of Dalet and Nun…they spell out Dan.  Last tribe to march in wilderness…cleaning up everything that was left behind.  Dan also spells out judgement.  When we leave this world every soul is judged.  Word for death in Hebrew ends in Tav.  Abraham purchased burial place for Sarah for 400 pieces of silver.  Every ending leads to a new beginning.


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